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I run Spice Wedding Films (formerly Chris Spice Films) and after 8 years and over 250 weddings, I've decided to start sharing my knowledge of filming weddings with all of those looking to start their own videography journey.

There's so much available on the web right now and I honestly wish there were this many courses, YouTube videos, mentors and products available when I was starting. This is why Tom and I started the Wedding Capture Co Podcast for photographers and videographers.


This is also why I'll be dedicating the next couple of years towards creating a portfolio of products and setting aside time for mentoring, in order to give back to the wedding industry and put your businesses on the map.

And it all starts with this contract...


The contract that you can purchase below is the contract I use and swear by. In 2020, just before COVID hit, I worked very closely and paid a lot of money for a solicitor to write this professional contract. 

With the costings involved, it made me wonder how something like this could be accessible to everyone, so I asked the solicitor if it would be okay to sell this contract to other videographers to save them money, and sure enough he said yes.

The contract below is a result of years of experience, months of back and forth with a solicitor, and days of me trying to figure out shopify.


In fact, I'm so sure you'll like it that I'll even offer 100% of your money back within 28 days of your purchase if you feel like it's not on par with your expectations. Please email me for more information.

When running a wedding videography business, having a contract to set expectations, clarify definitions and cover taboo subjects like cancellation costs and payments is paramount.

When you have a wedding videography contract you can trust, you can run your business with confidence and focus on the things that really matter.

This contract has been written by a qualified and professional solicitor who works for a firm where I’m based in Southampton. Not only did he write the contract, he also offered some incredibly valuable advice on the legalities of wedding film making.

By purchasing this product, you'll get the Definitive Wedding Videography Contract as well as a separate PDF guide explaining each point of the contract and talking through some contract law. This way, you'll never be stuck if something is questioned or there's a situation you don't know how to deal with - just check the contract!

Amongst other points, this contract covers:

- Definitions - Just what is an 'uncut ceremony'. 

- Travel and Expenses

- Client Duties - Ensuring your couple does their bit (within reason) to ensure the best quality of film. Covers you if you feel unsafe on the wedding day.

- Company duties - What are your responsibilities? e.g. Organising a pre-wedding meeting or questionnaire.

- What happens if you're ill?

- Deliverable time frames

- Meals

- What happens if things are delayed?

- Artistic freedom

- How many alterations are allowed to the film?

- Who owns the rights to the film

- Cover if the clients or guests damage you or your equipment

- Cancellation clauses

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