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Capturing Memories
Since 2015

Spice Wedding Films is run by husband and wife team, Chris & Kate Spice. We're multi-award winning wedding videographers focusing on capturing memories & creating candid, authentic and feel-good wedding films.


We love creating unique, authentic wedding films that aren't boring and don't fit the 'cookie cutter' look. 

Everything we do is about creating a film that is true to your memory - the nerves in the morning; the laughs, the smiles, the tears and all the bits that you miss - when you watch it back you'll feel like you're there all over again.

We think that wedding films should be a celebration of happiness, of love and of all of your friends and family, so we'll be focusing much more on those things than all of the set up bits.


 After all, every wedding is different in it's own unique way and everything about the video should be a reflection of that.


A Little Bit About Us

We like to travel a lot - in 2022 we travelled to various places in America and Thailand, Yosemite is Chris' new favourite place and Phi Phi Island is Kate's.

We have 2 cats - Bucky (the ginger) & Stevie (the black cat). Stevie was originally a Steve until we took him for his op, only for the vet to tell us he was actually a she!

We absolute love Marvel and we will be at every midnight showing - in fact, we were there in Leicester Square at midnight watching Endgame. What an experience!

Most of all, we take photos and videos of every single thing we do and that's because we value memories and good times, which must be why we do this job! We'd love to meet you!

hampshire wedding videographer - Chris

Hi, I'm Chris

I created Spice Wedding Films (formally Chris Spice Films) back in almost 10 years ago. It was born from a love of capturing my own memories on a camcorder when I was younger, and those raw memories are still at the heart of what I do.

The most interesting thing I've ever filmed was a millionaire's birthday party in a castle on the Italian island of Sardinia - my jaw was on the floor the entire time!

I'm a huge fan of dad jokes (does being a cat dad qualify me for that?) and I laugh at awkward moments.

My favourite places I've been are Thailand & Vegas. Thailand for it's incredible scenery and relaxed way of living; Vegas because the vibe is incredible, there's so many different types of people and there's infinite places to discover.

I could eat Mexican food every day and I'm a firm believer that everything can go in a wrap - don't judge me until you've eaten a curry wrap!

Hi, I'm Kate

- I self trained to become a wedding videographer, with some help from Chris.

- I also work in quality management at a university which sounds really boring but I love managing processes and maintaining quality guidelines, a skill which I pass over to our business too.

- I think Chris thinks he's funnier than he actually is.

- I am absolutely film obsessed - I just have to look up the trivia of every film as well as the cast and crew. I can usually link 2 completely unrelated people through IMDB without looking.

- I run an Instagram account for Stevie and Bucky where I can post photos and videos of them to my hearts content.

Hampshire Wedding videographer - Kate

Bucky & Stevie

- Our 2 cats are head of quality control here at Spice Wedding Films, and they take their job very seriously.

- Bucky's main job is to hop into the Amazon boxes as soon as new gear arrives into the office.

- Stevie's main responsibility is to keep the desk tidy by sweeping off any unwanted objects.

- Together, they were actually named after Captain America & The Winter Soldier (Bucky & Steve) but we later found out Steve was actually a girl!

pets of Hampshire wedding videographers

We've Been There...

We got married in September 2021 so we've recently been through everything you're about to go through. Booking suppliers, planning the day, creating the table plan and wondering when the to-do list is going to end! 

So, any questions you might have about the wedding planning process, whether it's video related or not, don't hesitate to come to us. We've even had to reschedule a couple of times due to COVID so we know how that works from both sides too.

hampshire wedding videographers film a confetti shot

"Chris and Kate filmed our wedding beautifully. We were so impressed with the outcome of all our films, they captured every unique moment of our special day. We are both so pleased we chose to have our day filmed, as we believe it is the perfect keepsake which we keep rewatching and reminiscing on."


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